About Us

Who We Are

We, the Garnet Driving School are here not as a requirement to your Driver’s License BUT we are here to EDUCATE.

Your skills and knowledge will save you from huge monetary damages, strings of criminal cases, and probably will save your or someone else’s life.

Invest in yourself.

Garnet Driving School is an LTO Accredited Driving School.

Established in the Year 2020, our school is conveniently located in South Central Square, Lawaan 3, City of Talisay, Cebu, strategically located in the same compound with LTO Talisay City District Office.

Garnet Driving School has its own driving track within the compound, two 20 seater lecture rooms, a spacious customer lounge and a separate concierge to make your experience worthwhile.

Our school is mighty proud to have a team of more than 10 highly competent and passionate Driving Instructors and more 10 than Accredited modified Driving Vehicles to ensure our students will get the best driving education available.

We guarantee every student will finish all driving courses with full of knowledge and skills needed for them to safely drive the public road.

“Your journey to a safer road starts here.”